Lassen Volcanic National Park is a place of wonderment, inspiration, and recreation. With unique environments and biological areas throughout the park, there is much to look at and explore. This summer, Lassen Volcanic is the perfect getaway for those who love adventure and nature. Here are three of the many wonderful things to do at Lassen Volcanic that you should prioritize when looking for the perfect summer destination.

Hiking at Lassen Volcanic

Lassen Volcanic National Park offers over 150 miles of hiking trails, many of which showcase the abundance of hydrothermal areas throughout the park. Some of the most interesting trails in Lassen start at the Drakesbad Lodge and end at our hot springs fed swimming pool!


Known for its colorful native rainbow trout, the Warner Valley area of Lassen Volcanic National Park provides very satisfying fly fishing. Most fishing takes place in and around the Drakesbad Guest Ranch supplying beautiful trout.

Points of Interest

With being described as “California’s Yellowstone,” Lassen Volcanic has a variety of beautiful geological features. You can hike to the top of an active volcano, tread a cinder cone, visit unworldly places or picnic by still alpine lakes. Some of these places include, Lassen Peak, Kings Creek Falls, Devils Kitchen, and much more.