Hiking Lassen Volcanic National Park

Lassen Volcanic National Park offers over 150 miles of hiking trails, many of which showcase the abundance of hydrothermal areas throughout the park. Some of the most interesting trails in Lassen start at the Drakesbad Lodge and end at our hot springs fed swimming pool!

Boiling Springs Lake
An easy 90 minute round trip hike across the meadow, through the forest and around the 125 degree boiling lake with some of the best mud pots in the park plus numerous trees, wildflowers and bird watching make this a must see for the entire family. Trailhead across from the Warner Valley Campground on Warner Valley Road.

Devils Kitchen
A moderate two hour round trip hike through the meadow to the head of Warner Valley, along Hot Springs Creek and into the forest to the “kitchen’s” bubbling mudpots, steam vents and boiling springs!

Numerous other hikes of varying levels of difficulty include Terminal Geyser, Flat Iron Ridge, Drake Lake, Little Willow Lake and Sifford Lakes where you will see much of the beauty of Lassen. Click here for a list of available hikes.


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